BUSCO installation and run

That unil.ch link looks a bit too complicated, these are the commands I ran to get BUSCO via Singularity:

Download the image:

singularity pull docker://ezlabgva/busco:v5.2.2_cv1

Run the image with example genome.fasta, assuming it’s a genome and a plant:

 singularity run -B $(pwd):/busco_wd/ busco_v5.2.2_cv1.sif busco -l viridiplantae -m genome -i genome.fasta --out results

This will store the temporary files in the current working directory, the -v flag in Docker is the -B flag in Singularity, which means to mount (~connect) your current working directory inside the container as /busco_wd/

You will have a new folder in your working directory called busco_downloads which contains the models from, in this case, the viridiplantae dataset.

On a HPC you will need to use singularity. Docker requires root privileges to run which I’ll guess you don’t have.

Once you have singularity working try the following command:

singularity pull busco.img docker://ezlabgva/busco:v5.2.2_cv1

I know absolutely nothing about BUSCO so I cannot verify the container, but the Dockerhub page looks very well maintained with new version being released regularly.

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