How to set variant FILTER in a VCF file based on overlap with regions in a BED file

I figured out how to do the annotation using BCFTools. 2 steps are needed.

Input BED file requires 1 for each region where the annotation should be set

Chr_01 1000 2000 1
Chr_05 5000 6000 1

Input header file:

##INFO=<ID=BAD_REGION,Number=0,Type=Flag,Description="My bad region for some reason">

bgzip and tabix the bed file

bgzip bad_regions.bed
tabix -p bed regions.bed.gz

First bcftools command to set the INFO field

bcftools annotate -a bad_regions.bed.gz  -h bad_regions.bed.hdr -c CHROM,FROM,TO,BAD_REGION  input.vcf.gz  -Oz -o output_w_INFO.vcf.gz

Second bcftools command to set the FILTER based on the INFO field

bcftools filter output_w_INFO.vcf.gz  -s BAD_REGION -m+ -e 'INFO/BAD_REGION=1' -Oz -o output_w_INFO_w_FILTER.vcf.gz

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