Bioinformatician – Gene Expression Team job with EMBL

The Gene Expression Team analyses expression data sets at tissue or single cell level and develops Expression Atlas, a resource that provides information about the expression of genes and proteins in different cells, tissues, developmental stages and conditions.

Your role

We are looking for a data production service bioinformatician to join the Express Atlas team. You will be involved in data production, writing pipelines and running large-scale biological data analyses.

The primary responsibilities will be designing and maintaining the data analysis and production pipelines (which use various languages, bash, R, Perl and Python and workflow systems) on Unix-based systems, both on HPC and cloud scenarios, and analysing large-scale gene expression datasets (microarrays, RNA-Seq and scRNA-seq).

The Expression Atlas team is interdisciplinary, consisting of user interface developers, data curators, scientists and bioinformaticians. You will have the opportunity to work closely with other Atlas team members, as well as project stakeholders and other interdisciplinary teams across the EBI. We place a high value on self-motivation and drive for quality.

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