Gromacs: gmx::AlignedAllocationPolicy Class Reference

#include <gromacs/utility/alignedallocator.h>

Policy class for configuring gmx::Allocator, to manage allocations of aligned memory for SIMD code.

static std::size_t 
alignment ()
  Return the alignment size.
static void *  malloc (std::size_t bytes)
  Allocate memory aligned to alignment() bytes. More…
static void  free (void *p)
  Free aligned memory. More…

void gmx::AlignedAllocationPolicy::free ( void *  p )

void * gmx::AlignedAllocationPolicy::malloc ( std::size_t  bytes )

Allocate memory aligned to alignment() bytes.

bytes Amount of memory (bytes) to allocate. It is valid to ask for 0 bytes, which will return a non-null pointer that is properly aligned and padded (but that you should not use).
Valid pointer if the allocation worked, otherwise nullptr.

The memory will always be aligned to 128 bytes, which is our estimate of the longest cache lines on architectures currently in use. It will also be padded by the same amount at the end of the area, to help avoid false cache sharing.

Memory allocated with this routine must be released with gmx::AlignedAllocationPolicy::free(), and absolutely not the system free().

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