What clinical information does HMP metadata have?

Hi:) community,
I am not very clear about the metadata contained in the hmp1 project.
I read the hmp_2012 paper, it is said “metadata j included subject age, subject diet, BMI, pulse, introitus pH, posterior fornix pH, temperature, gender, ethnicity, breastfeeding, subjects having given birth, diastolic and systolic blood pressure, weight, or height.

Are these all metadata information if the access to dbGap can be approved?

But in the website, it is also written: www.hmpdacc.org/overview/faq.php
Q: How can I access the metadata for HMP1 metagenomic samples?
A: Metadata for all samples is available through the project catalog. Additional metadata (such as age, medical history, dietary habits, etc.) is kept confidential by the NIH and accessible only to authorized users through NCBI dbGAP. Researchers can request access to this data through this page. Click on the link to request authorized access.

I couldn’t find any further information about which kinds of clinical information is recorded in the metadata of hmp.
I appreciate your help!

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