Build protein-protein interaction prediction deep learning model

Build protein-protein interaction prediction deep learning model



I’m an undergraduate biology student and my thesis is on designing a deep learning architecture to predict whether two proteins interact or not given their primary sequences. I have read some papers with different approaches to the problem including the paper uses PIPR model which is the state of the art model for this problem in 2019 and recently in 2021 the paper uses D-SCRIPT which surpass PIPR with the aspect of the small dataset and has better generalization feature for many model organisms.

For my problem, I have two questions

  1. Can you suggest to me the approach to build a model for my thesis. Should I follow these papers to build a model, how my model will be different from the models in the papers?
  2. Which architecture or model recently that the literature considers the most proper for the protein-protein interaction prediction approach?
    I very much appreciate any help from everyone!







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