Gdcprepare() error.

I’m really struggling with this and I need urgent help.

I keep running the following code but after the gdcprepare function, it either crashes my computer or freezes the console. I have no idea what to do, someone please help.

library(“TCGAbiolinks”, quietly = T)
library(“limma”, quietly = T)
library(“edgeR”, quietly = T)
library(“glmnet”, quietly = T)
library(“factoextra”, quietly = T)
library(“FactoMineR”, quietly = T)
library(“caret”, quietly = T)
library(“SummarizedExperiment”, quietly = T)
library(“gplots”, quietly = T)
library(“survival”, quietly = T)
library(“survminer”, quietly = T)
library(“RColorBrewer”, quietly = T)
library(“gProfileR”, quietly = T)
library(“genefilter”, quietly = T)

## Acess GDC and get info on projects

GDCprojects = getGDCprojects()

View(GDCprojects[c(“project_id”, “name”)])

# get details of the Kidney cancer project

## Query GDC for RNAseq data from KIRC dataset for primary tumor and normal tissue
query_TCGA_KIRC = GDCquery(
project = “TCGA-KIRC”,
data.category = “Transcriptome Profiling”,
access = “open”,
experimental.strategy = “RNA-Seq”,
workflow.type = “HTSeq – Counts”,
sample.type =c(“Primary Tumor”, “Solid Tissue Normal”))

# make results as table
all_res = getResults(query_TCGA_KIRC)

# how many samp …

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