DESeq2 design

DESeq2 design


Hi Experts,
i have this feature counts matrix for 23 samples (each containing multiple replicates ranging 3-16). Among these 23 samples some are untreated for some to which i want to compare with or call DESeqDataSet. the samples are something as-

run treatment_concen    cell line   conditions  time
SRRxxxx1    0   A1  untreated   24hr
SRRxxxx2    2   A1  treated 24hr

SRRxxxx3    0   A1  untreated   24hr
SRRxxxx4    0.2 A1  treated 24hr

SRRxxxx5    0   A1  untreated   24hr
SRRxxxx6    15  A1  treated 24hr

SRRxxxx7        A1  untreated   9hr
SRRxxxx8        A1  treated 9hr

SRRxxxx9    0   A1  untreated   24hr
SRRxxxx10   2   A1  treated 24hr

SRRxxxx11       H1  healthy 
SRRxxxx12       H1  paitent 

SRRxxxx13   0   A1  untreated   24hr
SRRxxxx14   0.02    A1  treated 24hr

SRRxxxx15   0   A1  untreated   24hr
SRRxxxx16   2   A1  treated 24hr
SRRxxxx17   2   A1  treated 24hr

SRRxxxx18   0   N1  untreated   12hr
SRRxxxx22   3   N1  treated 12hr
SRRxxxx23   0   N1.1    treated 12hr
SRRxxxx19   3   N1.1    untreated   12hr
SRRxxxx20       N1.1    treated 6hr
SRRxxxx21       N1.1    treated 12hr

can you please suggest my design formula for this. basically there is untreated and treated for each group with multiple replicates. any help is much appreciated.







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