Queries regarding temperature gradient

Post by Sabreen Farnaz
Dear all,
This is in regard to my previous queries. The warning in NVT step can
possibly be ignored using -maxwarn but I am still not sure about the rest!
Can someone please help?

tau_t = -1 means temperature coupling is not applied. Whether that’s
what you want or not is up to you, but in that case, your ensembles are
not NVT or NPT, because T is no longer conserved.

Post by Sabreen Farnaz
Neelima S.

Post by Sabreen Farnaz
Dear all,
I am setting up a system where I want the solute to be immersed in a
solvent with a temperature gradient. I have defined two different
temperature groups, two portions of the solvent, and want them to be at say
T1 and T2 kelvins. The rest of the system will not be subjected to a
thermostat (tau_t=-1).

Realize that with PBC, you’re not likely to get what you want. I don’t
know how you’re defining the T1 and T2 groups, but if they’re in contact
via PBC, the “gradient” really doesn’t exist – you have a hot and cold
bath directly in contact. See previous threads on temperature gradients
for more discussion. If the T1 and T2 groups are capable of diffusing,
then you definitely don’t have a gradient.

Post by Sabreen Farnaz

Post by Sabreen Farnaz
1. Should NVT and NPT mdp files also have the same t_ref and tau_t? A
tau_t=-1 gives a warning in nvt grompp, can it be ignored?
2. I am generating velocities in nvt run and continuing npt with previous
velocities. For production run, I only take the equilibrated structure and
generate velocities again. (No continuation)

If you’re re-generating velocities, what was the point of the previous
equilibration steps? You’re just re-setting your system to a random state.

Post by Sabreen Farnaz

Post by Sabreen Farnaz
Should gen_temp have the same temperature values in each of nvt and md mdp

If you intend to model the same ensemble, yes, but again re-generating
velocities after equilibrating doesn’t make much sense to me.


Post by Sabreen Farnaz

Post by Sabreen Farnaz
Please help.
Thank you!
Neelima S.


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