GEDMatch Results Interpretation : 23andme

here is my original post on here with my 23andme results:

some background: my mom is half lebanese & half irish, and my dad is approx. 2/3 southern italian and 1/3 middle eastern (not sure about the specifics for him; his brother took a test and that’s what he told us). this pretty much matches my results and what i know about my family history. my mom’s mother has ancestors from pretty much all around the west coast of ireland, and my mom’s father has maronite christian ancestors from zahle, lebanon (with some rumors of people from syria as well). the middle eastern on my dad’s side was a surprise, because as far as his family knew, we were just from sicily and naples.

not sure if this was necessary to share, but i thought i’d include it in case it helps to understand my results on gedmatch!

edit: also, i don’t know much about world history, so if there’s anything interesting that might relate to my results, i would love to know 🙂

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