Python first, then SQL? (Kaggle Question) : SQL

Hello everyone!

I made a post on here a few days ago and I got a lot of good and helpful responses (thanks again!), and I have decided that this is infact what I want to pursue.

I have found some sources for learning SQL, and one that I found was Kaggle. It first suggests that I do its Python course first, and then it goes into things like SQL, as it teaches it through Python. Basically the Python course is a prerequisite for most other courses on the site. Am I gimping myself in any way by doing this, or is it actually better (since I would like to incorporate Python and SQL anyway)?

Should I take this path (if I intend to learn Python anyway) or find another source that goes with SQL first?

I would like to learn (at a basic level) Python, SQL, and R before I first start applying to entry jobs, so I was wondering if this is a good path to take. Thanks!

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