bcftools multiallelic split not working

I am attempting to split multiallelic sites using bcftools norm with the following command:

zcat ${inputVcf} | 
sed 's/AD,Number=./AD,Number=R/g' | 
sed 's/ADR,Number=./ADR,Number=R/g' | 
sed 's/ADF,Number=./ADF,Number=R/g' | 
bcftools norm 
  --fasta-ref ${genomeFa} 
  --check-ref s 
  --multiallelics -any 
  --output ${outputVcf}

The sed commands were based on the recommendation from here. However I’m still getting FORMAT entries such as the following: GT:GQ:GQX:DPI:AD:ADF:ADR:FT:PL 1/0:44:44:56:1,10,5:1,4,2:0,6,3:PASS:511,99,48 ./.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. 0/1:53:53:63:0,12,6:0,4,1:0,8,5:PASS:483,210,164 which are clearly multiallelic. Anybody know how to fix this?

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