Gap between two doses of Covishield may be reduced

The gap between two doses of coronavirus vaccine Covishield may be reduced. The suggestion to reduce the gap has been given by IAPSM i.e. Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine, an organization working in the health sector.

In this regard, IAPSM says that the central government is considering the matter. At present, more than 59 crore vaccine doses have been administered in the country and efforts are being made by the government to expedite the process of vaccination. Now it is being considered to reduce the gap of two doses from 12 weeks to 8 weeks.

IAPSM has suggested to the central government to reduce the gap of both the doses of Covishield. The organization believes that by reducing the gap, people will be able to get both doses as soon as possible. This will also reduce the risk of infection. It has been observed that people who have taken both doses have a lower risk of infection than those who have taken one dose.

Experts also believe that due to the delta variant, the risk of infection in people has increased a lot. There is a need to review the dosage of the vaccine and the central government is considering in this direction.

“We have a suggestion to reduce the vaccine gap and the Center is considering it. Our priority is to vaccinate as many people as possible, we also recommend that those who have been infected should not be given the vaccine,” Dr Sunila Garg, President, IAPSM said.

Health experts argue that when the interval between two doses of Covishield was increased to a maximum of 16 weeks, there was a shortage of vaccines in the country. But now the vaccine of six companies has been allowed in the country. If the gap is reduced, more people can be fully vaccinated and COVID-19 patients will be saved from getting serious or being hospitalised.

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