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This .sh script helps to

  • switch to root directory
  • Install kaggle
  • create a .kaggle directory and move the kaggle.json file to .kaggle (.kaggle must be created in the root directory)
  • get the dataset api copied from the kaggle dataset page
  • download the dataset zip file and unzip it
  • Move the unzipped file to the work directory
  • remove the zipped file downloaded as well as mv the kaggle.json back to the original location and remove the .kaggle directory
  • switch back to the work directory and remove the cloned file (because you don’t need it anymore. If you still do, you can comment out the last line on the script)

Please note that this structure is created solely for deepnote workspace. However, it is easy to modify to your use case

Here is an article on how to create a script to download kaggle dataset to deepnote


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