samtools server vs cluster error

Using inspiration from this thread HISAT2 output direct to bam, I’m attempting to run this command. The shell variables in this case represent paths to files/locations that make sense and in fact this command runs fine on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server using hisat 2.1 and samtools 1.10 (this seems quite old, I should update). It appears to correctly output a sorted bam and index from some paired end reads.

hisat2 -x $INDEX -1 $PAIR1 -2 $PAIR2 -p 16 --no-unal --new-summary --no-mixed --no-discordant | 
samtools sort -T $TMP -O BAM | 
tee $BAM | 
samtools index - $BAM.bai

When I try to run this on our computer cluster (having hisat 2.2.1, samtools 1.3.1, uses SLURM), the same command gives me an error for samtools

index: invalid option -- '-'

As well as one for hisat2

Error: Must specify at least one read input with -U/-1/-2/--sra-acc
(ERR): hisat2-align exited with value 1

I’m quite certain this is not a path issue, all input files and dirs exist. I think if anything, it might have to do with the way I’m running the slurm script which is that I have a file where each line is a set of options for hisat2 (imagine the variables in the above command change for each sample name) and I make an array out of them while assigning a SLURM array ID like this

LINE=$(sed -n "$SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_ID"p hisat2_options.txt)

Then execute like so

hisat2 $LINE

This works just fine if I just make sam files and separately convert to bam and index but I want to do it in one shot. Somehow, I think all the piping and tee is making the command not get read correctly. I thought doing "$LINE" might work but it does not, it does give a different error at least.

Error: reads file does not look like a FASTQ file
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'int'

It looks like a fastq file to me. If anyone can see something obvious that’d be great.

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