Unexpected Std::alloc Error Thrown During Etetoolkit Image Rendering

Unexpected Std::alloc Error Thrown During Etetoolkit Image Rendering



I am a long time python ete3 user and have yet to encounter the following error message when calling t.render().

enter image description here

I believe the issue has something to do with memory allocation when building the figure, but wonder if it could be an issue with the tree.render() function. I have tried several hardware configurations believing that a lack of system resources could be the issue, however those attempts have been unsuccessful.

The figure I am rendering has a relatively complex motif structure (shown below) for each leaf, and I have been successful rendering an image without the motifs although I need to render the motifs along with the tree for publication (citing ete3).

Another consideration was the number of records, however I have constructed figures with even more records (and in my opinion, more complex motifs).

I am rendering the figure using a simplistic TreeStyle() and default size/resolution params.

I have also been successful calling tree.show() which I have attached below.

I am wondering if you may have an idea as to the nature of my bug or could point me to a resource where I may find out more information. I would be happy to provide any code or additional traceback.

Thank you for reading my post and offering any insight,






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