How to pivot to an industry job from a PhD : bioinformatics

I have a Bsc in biology and recently got a PhD in environmental science, but my PhD project turned out to be 100% computational (microbial community metagenomics). I always saw myself becoming a PI in academia, but during the last year of my PhD, I realized that being a biologist/bioinformatician in industry offers a better lifestyle, and I would like to live in the bay area. So far I’m adept with UNIX and R, but I don’t know Python, so I’m not qualified for most industry jobs yet. I’m going to do a postdoc in a bioinformatics lab to improve my computational skills, but meanwhile, what else should I be working on? Are there enough jobs in the bay area for a bioinformatician that leans towards the molecular biology side? Will my environmental science PhD hold any weight in the job market, even though my PhD project is entirely NGS data analysis? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!

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