Interpreting I-TASSER output

Interpreting I-TASSER output


Recently, i have received a protein structure result from I-TASSER. Here i have few questions to interpret the result:

    1. What does it mean by solvent accessibility value (0 to 9)? Does it mean near to 9 is more accessible to solvents? And if it likes so, is there any relation to solvent accessible site and ligand binding site?
      2.In model figure how to mark the binding sites? As binding site information are just somewhat in written formet, but i was expecting the exact position in figure.
      3.Acording to C-score of ligand binding sites, can i say someting like that “site 42(E) and 46(N) are candidate for Mg2+ binding?

Here, i am adding the link of my job: and a modeled image.

Looking for your cooperation. Thanks.




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