Alphafold on the cover of nature again! Unlock 98.5% of the human proteome, which is as important as the human genome

After a month ,AlphaFold Board again nautre, Or the cover ! Last month, ,DeepMind Open source AlphaFold2, And published the data set , Realized the human 98.5% Proteome prediction .

This week ,AlphaFold Reprint Nature, cover !

The last time distance 「 Shuangdeng 」Nature Just a month .

open Nature, I saw a familiar article again . This is not 7 Monthly brush screen research circle 2 A paper !

The title still looks like , It’s all about 「 use AlphaFold Accurately predict protein 」.

Also this week Nature The journal of , There’s another one called 《 Revolutionary changes in protein structure prediction 》 The editorial of , Illustrates the AlphaFold The significance of .

DeepMind The researchers described AlphaFold Recent updates of neural networks .

Some people say ,AlphaFold2 Enough to change all mankind . What cannot be underestimated is ,AlphaFold It’s really academic 「 Tsunami level 」 The existence of .

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