Basepaws seeks partnerships with veterinary hospitals to propel feline health

The pet biotechnology company is looking to collaborate with veterinary clinics to help advance its research studies focusing on areas of unmet needs in feline health.

Basepaws is in the process of developing a unique category of screening tools that will combine genomic, microbiome, and health history data to identify preclinical indicators associated with health-related outcomes. By targeting the prediction of disease and risk of negative outcomes, the company aims to provide veterinarians with advanced treatment options that will elevate the standard of patient care.

According to a company release, Basepaws is cultivating the world’s largest feline genomics database by performing whole genome sequencing (WGS) on thousands of pedigree and mix-breed cats across the globe. This database is a consistently augmented resource that allows professionals to identify novel genetic variants associated with a variety of feline breeds, physical traits, and diseases.

Contrary to DNA tests associated with humans or companion animals that employ DNA microarray technology, Basepaws’ relies on high and low coverage WGS melded with computational imputation, thus giving professionals the edge of obtaining an aerial view of the complete feline genome. Another benefit of performing WGS rather than using DNA microarrays is that professionals have the ability to obtain oral microbiome data in the process which allows them to capture not only bacteria but also DNA viruses, archaea, and fungi.

According to the company, “the compositional abundance of these microbes in the mouth provides a powerful readout for assessing overall dental health and can sometimes even point to the presence of certain systemic diseases, as research in humans and companion animals has shown.”

Basepaws has conducted research projects that leverage both genomics and oral microbiome research for the evolution of early detection tools for a variety of health-related conditions. Two notable research highlights include the company’s studies on feline longevity and chronic kidney diseases (CKD). The longevity study will commit to the understanding of genetic markers associated with a longer feline lifespan. The CKD study will explore genetic markers and oral microbiome characteristics associated with CKD.

Currently, the company is seeking participants for clinical studies involving divergent areas of unmet needs in feline health. Basepaws is asking for oral swab samples and clinical records from felines “matching certain exclusion and inclusion criteria.” The company is also actively looking to collaborate with veterinary practices and hospitals to recruit samples matching strict clinical criteria. If interested, please email

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