Hartmann Young hiring Director Of Bioinformatics, West Coast – Diagnostics in San Diego County, California, United States

The Director of Bioinformatics will lead a cross-functional team responsible for novel methods development, exploratory research and technology evaluation to identify new applications to take into product development.

As such the candidate must possess a strong background and publication record in statistical modelling, machine learning and computational biology. He/she should also have experience working in molecular diagnostics, ideally within an accredited CAP/CLIA setting.

The candidate will need to liaise with multiple functional teams – including laboratory scientists, software engineers, and medical affairs personnel – providing excellent opportunities to interact with and build cross-functional relationships.


  • Design and prototype bioinformatics methods, models, workflows for novel applications and performance improvements of existing products.
  • Evaluate public repositories, identify relevant truth sets and reference databases that can inform internal data analysis and methods development.
  • Guide or formulate feasibility and analytical validation procedures, including use of statistical modelling, simulated datasets and machine learning methods.
  • Analyse large volumes of NGS data and work in conjunction with assay development scientists to plan experiments and establish optimal assay conditions



  • PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology, cancer genomics or related fields.
  • 8+ years of relevant industry experience.
  • Expertise in next-generation sequencing data generation, processing, and analysis, including experience in developing novel statistical methods and machine learning applications
  • Demonstrated experience in developing methods for analysis of experimental data in genomics and next-generation sequencing, under the context of product development
  • Strong knowledge of computational biology algorithms for genomic analysis (including statistical methods) and cancer genomics (alignment, variant calling, general multivariate statistical inference)

Please reach out to me on amandeep.dhari@hartmannyoung.com for more details.

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