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>In 1210, a delegation arrived at the court of Genghis Khan to proclaim the ascension of Wanyan Yongji to the Jin throne and demanded the submission of the Mongols as a vassal state of Jin China. Because the Jurchens defeated the powerful steppe nomads and allied with the Keraites and the Tatars, they claimed sovereignty over all the tribes of the steppe.

>Upon receiving the order to demonstrate submission, Genghis Khan reportedly turned to the south and spat on the ground; then he mounted his horse, and rode toward the north, leaving the stunned envoy choking in his dust. His defiance of the Jin envoys was tantamount to a declaration of war between the Mongols and Jurchens.

>After Genghis Khan returned to the Kherlen River, in early 1211, he summoned a kurultai. By organising a long discussion, everyone in the community was included in the process. The Khan prayed privately on a nearby mountain. He removed his hat and belt, bowed down before the Eternal Sky, and recounted the generations of grievances his people held against the Jurchens and detailed the torture and murder of his ancestors. He explained that he had not sought this war against the Jurchens. At the dawn on the fourth day, Genghis Khan emerged with the verdict: “The Eternal Blue Sky has promised us victory and vengeance”.

>Wanyan Yongji, angry on hearing how Genghis Khan behaved, sent the message to the Khan that “Our Empire is like the sea; yours is but a handful of sand … How can we fear you? China will crush your pathetic barbarian armies and your women and children will be taken as slaves.”

>The Chinese would later suffer an enormous defeat at the hands of Genghis Khan, with 1,250,000 soldiers being killed over the course of the conquest of Jin China. The Emperor was captured and became a slave to Genghis Khan. Each day, the Emperor had to proclaim to Genghis his apologies for his declaration of war and his inferiority to the Mongol Khan.

Why are they like this?

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