Population genomics using ancient DNA data

News:Population genomics using ancient DNA data


Dear all,

registrations are now open for the ONLINE Physalia course on “Population genomics using ancient DNA data”

Dates: 31 January- 4 February

Course website: www.physalia-courses.org/courses-workshops/adna-popgen/

Instructors: Dr C. Eduardo Guerra Amorim (California State University Northridge, USA) and Diana Cruz-Davalos (University of Lausanne, CH)

In this course, we will explore how ancient DNA (aDNA) data is generated and analyzed in population genomic research. On the first day of the course, participants will learn about the differences between aDNA and DNA obtained from archeological material, and how to control for DNA degradation. From Day 2 through Day 5, participants will learn about the theory and application of the main statistical methods used to analyze aDNA data. The course is structured as a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises, which will be contextualized with real research questions. Hands-on exercises will be run in a Linux environment and visualization will be run in R using RStudio.

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