I have downloaded BioLabDonkey 2.12 from applestore but I am not succeding in using it, it crashes every time I try to open an .xdna file. I thought it would work as a substitute of serial cloner, due to the fact that MaOS Big Sur is not compatible with serial cloner, but I am quite deceived.
Is there anybody who can help? Are there some preferences which should be adjusted?
Are there any alterative free softwares, which perform well?
Thank you very much



You can also try ApE, which isn’t quite as full-featured as serial cloner, but is free and has many of the same functions. I think it’ll open an xdna file, but it’s been a while, so don’t take that as fact.

I am developer of BioLabDonkey. It looks like you didn’t report the crash event trough the Apple service, I didn’t get anything. Could you send to me the crash report or could you send to me the .xdna file you have tried to open that I can find what caused the problem ? My e-mail you can find at the website – BioLabDonkey

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