Research Scientist Bioinformatics at Exscientia

We are looking to hire an experienced bioinformatician who specializes in the analysis of human NGS data. The Research Scientist Bioinformatics will lead the development and expansion of our in-house NGS capabilities together with data managers and software developers, while also carrying out project-specific analyses.

Exscientia GmbH is a company that is committed to getting medicines to patients in the fastest and most effective manner. We do this by applying the latest research in Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and modern high-performance computational methods to transform drug design. Exscientia is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven drug discovery and the only company to have used AI to design drug molecules that are currently in clinical studies. The Research Scientist Bioinformatics position is crucial to our continuous growth.

As Research Scientist Bioinformatics you will have the opportunity to:

  • Implement and/or deploy scalable cloud-supported analysis pipelines for the primary processing and QC of genomic (WGS/WES) and transcriptomic (e.g. RNAseq, scRNAseq) NGS data
  • Work with wet lab biologists and other bioinformaticians, along with QM and clinical operations, to formalize sequencing QC guidelines and sample rejection criteria
  • Assist in guiding initial and ongoing hardware and technological investments into the NGS facility.
  • Work with an international team of data managers and software developers to implement large-scale storage and exploratory analytics capabilities for raw sequencing, expression and variant data
  • Perform project-based analysis work with the aim of mechanism of action (MOA), target discovery, and biomarker discovery from NGS data integrated with human tissue functional profiling data.

What is required?

  • PhD in bioinformatics or a related field with 2 years of experience, or M.Sc. with 4 years of post-graduate experience
  • 2 years of post-graduate experience working with NGS pipelines
  • Strong background in data analysis and interpretation of NGS data to answer biological research questions, preferably in the context of clinical oncology
  • Highly proficient in processing of NGS data (QC, alignment, secondary analysis, incl. variant calling and scRNA expression analysis) with current state of the art bioinformatics software
  • Proficient programmer, preferably with experience in R and Python for data analysis and visualization 
  • Experience deploying and using at least one scientific workflow management system (e.g. Nextflow, Snakemake) in an HPC environment alongside Docker

Ways to stand out:

  • Training in the field of clinical oncology or related area working with patient data
  • Experience in the integration of NGS data with orthogonal data (multi-omics, functional assays)
  • Experience using key cancer biology databases and resources (e.g. TCGA)
  • Experience in the planning and optimization of NGS experiments
  • Experience deploying bioinformatics pipelines on cloud computing platforms
  • Hands-on experience with data logistics of large scale NGS projects

Reasons for joining us:

  • Making a positive contribution to patients by revolutionising the pharmaceutical industry through AI-driven discovery.
  • Kick-start or further grow your career – at Exscientia GmbH, you will have the opportunity to acquire valuable skills, work on problems that matter, and collaborate with world-class technical and scientific leaders.
  • A highly competitive compensation package in accordance with the Austrian collective bargaining agreement, starting from a minimum of 50.000 € gross p.a. We will negotiate an attractive package and overpayment based on your background and previous work experience.
  • Funding for professional development and conference attendance.
  • Opportunity to join an inclusive, collaborative and intellectually stimulating culture
  • Flexible working and remote working to allow you to manage your own time.
  • State of the art laboratories and equipment
  • Daily lunch options at the local cafeteria, regular team events and lots of opportunities for casual networking.

Exscientia embraces equal opportunity and is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive community where everybody feels welcome. We welcome applications from all people regardless of background. If you’re a bioinformatician looking for a new challenge at the forefront of AI then please apply today to learn more!

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