Computational Scientist – Bioinformatics job at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Explore the full range of opportunities we offer within our research areas and labs.

If you want a larger canvas for exploration and discovery, look no further. We have more than 500 labs on campus. Here are just a few of the research investigations you’ll find underway at UT Southwestern Medical Center:

Work here, and you’ll help us create and conduct translational bench-to-bedside research that quickly moves basic discoveries into treatments that directly benefit patients. Here’s an example: We’ve found that small artificial molecules called peptoids show promise as both diagnostic tools and treatments for various types of cancer. Peptoids can bind to cancerous cells more tightly than normal cells. So our researchers are looking at ways to combine peptoids with anti-cancer drugs to target cancer cells more specifically.

At UT Southwestern, you can be part of our next breakthrough.

Opportunities for Laboratory & Medical Technologists

As a progressive, innovation-driven medical center, UT Southwestern relies heavily on our lab techs, medical techs, histotechnologists, and cytotechnologists to play a key role in the diagnosis and care planning of patients.

Our broad spectrum of services will present you with opportunities to work across a range of dynamic lab settings. You’ll have abundant tools, training, and support to facilitate your success and professional growth.

For each member of this diverse and collaborative team, we provide excellent benefits, including PTO and pension and retirement plans. When you consider Dallas’ relatively low cost of living and high quality of life, UT Southwestern emerges as your best option for a fulfilling career.

Bringing the Future into Focus

There are many ways to contribute here. As we continue to explore new solutions that will save lives and enhance quality of life for millions, we’re committed to providing rigorous scientific training in both basic and clinical research to scholars across the Medical Center and community. You can take advantage or help support a number of robust programs, such as:

  • Disease-Oriented Clinical Scholars
  • Endowed Scholars
  • Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)
  • Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP)
  • Quantitative and Physical Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research

Fellowship Program (QP-SURF)

  • Science Teacher Access to Resources at Southwestern (STARS)
  • Endowed Scholars
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (SURF)
  • UT Dallas Green Fellows

Supporting a Culture of Clinical Trials

Our research teams help plan, conduct, fund, administer, and report on clinical trials across the broad spectrum of health conditions and diseases. More than 1,000 trials are currently underway, including these areas of medicine:

  • 268 in Cancer(STARS)
  • 118 in Neurology
  • 79 in Children’s Health
  • 69 in Digestive Systems & Liver Disease
  • 65 in Heart and Vascular
  • 64 in Lung Disease & Asthma
  • 51 in Blood Disorders

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