Has anyone here used the MAC tool for merging assemblies?

Has anyone here used the MAC tool for merging assemblies?


I’m relatively new to whole genome work and have been exploring various tools for assembling/mapping genomes. I’ve read that not all assembly tools/programs are created equal and often times it is valuable to assess assemblies from multiple tools for each dataset. I have also seen a couple programs that have attempted to assess multiple assemblies and essentially use information from both/multiple to create a superior assembly than the parts.

None of these tools seemed to have received much attention, but I found this more recent one I was curious about called MAC.

I found the article describing the tool here: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7005248/
It looks like the current version is MAC2.0 found here: github.com/bioinfomaticsCSU/MAC

I was hoping to try it out myself but I am having trouble installing the MUMmer required dependency and don’t see this getting resolved on my end.

Does anyone have experience with this MAC tool or thoughts on tools that function to create a better assembly from multiple assemblies of the same data?

Thank you for your input!





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