A Deeper Dive Into Genetic Genealogy

One of the amazing things about using genetic information to trace genealogy is the accessibility to information for anyone with an interest in researching their family. While basic DNA testing services provide general information, a specialized genetic genealogy platform allows users to go deep into a subject area. The deep dive provides access the latest in research and tools to find family members and common ancestors.

GEDmatch Service

GEDmatch is a great example of a specialized tool that can be used to locate others that have the same genetic markers. This data is shared between users and is highly effective in helping to develop a family tree. Using comparison tools, each user is able to compare their DNA data with others, allowing for more possible matches.

It is important to keep in mind that GEDmatch requests users upload their raw DNA data from another DNA testing site. It is a third-party DNA service and does not directly collect and analyze samples from individuals.

There are basic and more advanced tools offered on the GEDmatch platform. While the basic tools are fairly intuitive and easy to use, the more advanced tools are typically beyond what most people need in genetic genealogy software.

Privacy Concerns

Those using GEDmatch need to review their privacy setting when using the site. Law enforcement uses the service in searching for criminals or in locating possible family members. For those with concerns about sharing their raw DNA data, it is possible to set up aliases to protect your privacy.

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