PhD or Software Developer job : bioinformatics

I need some advice, or reassurance really. Last year I was approached by one of my undergraduate lecturers to do a PhD. I was thrilled and accepted. The PhD is in genomics of marine organisms in Antarctica, something I am extremely interested in. However, on a whim I also applied for a software developer job, purely for experience, not expecting to get it. The dev job is for a oceanography research company but I won’t be doing any research purely designing and developing programs for theirwebsites and data. Also worth noting that the PhD is funded and I will get £15,000 stipend a year no tax, but the dev job is offering £35,000.

In my head, I think that because PhDs are unique opportunities and I won’t get this chance again (not for this exact topic anyway), that I should take the PhD over the job. The fact that I’ve got the job now means I could maybe get it in the future? The money is getting me though. Is going down the route of research where the pay is going to be less a good idea just because I might enjoy it more? When I’d still enjoy being a software developer and I’d get more money?

Has anyone been in a similar situation with bioinformatics? I took up coding for biological research but now being tempted by pure coding jobs that won’t necessarily be for research.

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