We found a MASSIVE bug with the Jester in Gmod TTT! : Yogscast

From the looks of it… The Baby Maker shrinks in an area around its target, lowering their max health to 1 temporarily, and letting anyone who walks into them punt them into the air.

The Jester, meanwhile, unless something has changed very recently, isn’t immune to fall damage, only extremely resistant to it, usually only taking 1 damage. They also count as being killed when someone makes them fall to their death by pushing them off the stage.

Rythian shot Zoey and caught himself in the aoe of the shot. Both being small and next to each other, they get punted away from each other. Zoey just bumps into the ramp while Rythian gets launched off of it, takes 1 fall damage, and dies due to being “pushed” by Zoey who was none the wiser. Jester wins, case closed.

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