Data Science Masterclass with a 4x Kaggle Grandmaster Tickets, Sat, Oct 23, 2021 at 8:30 AM


Work on competitions together with Rohan Rao, a 4x Kaggle Grandmaster (there are only 4 people in the world with that title), and learn the secrets of winning. Become an expert in solving Data Science (DS) /Machine Learning (ML) problems through hands-on learning and mentor sessions.

Event details

The Masterclass provides you with a roadmap for winning competitions on platforms such as Kaggle, by helping implement ML skills applicable to any use case. You’ll learn from a Kaggle Grandmaster who has produced many winning solutions for top competitions on Kaggle and solved challenging problems using cutting-edge ML techniques.

Learn how to turn yourself into a world-class data scientist through a collaborative process involving solving ML problems in a competitive learning environment. It’s the perfect opportunity to take your skills as a data scientist or machine learning practitioner to the next level.

What makes us different from any other course out there?

– Escape the tutorial hell! Implementation-based learning from day one where you will apply DS/ML skills directly to use cases together with a team of motivated learners.

– Mentorship by Rohan Rao, a 4x Kaggle Grandmaster (there are only 4 people in the world with that title).

– Expand your network with DS/ML professionals from top AI companies.

– Find motivated teammates to compete on platforms like Kaggle.

– Learn ML skills applicable to any use case


As the Masterclass is focused on applied skills, it is expected for participants to have basic data science knowledge including Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), as well as, setting up and training a machine learning model. Participants will dive into projects from day one.

Participants are expected to have experience working with Python data science libraries as in pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn, and either pytorch or tensorflow/keras.

Course Format:

The 4-week masterclass consists of instructor-led live sessions, as well as, mentorship sessions by Rohan. Participants will learn interactively while practicing on several competition datasets. Participants with work under the supervision of the instructor, and the mentor on how to approach any ML problem and fine-tune for winning solutions.


October 23th- November 20th 2021

Group sessions on Saturdays

Mentorship and working sessions on weekdays

About the Mentor:

Rohan Rao is one of the four Quadruple Kaggle Grandmasters in the world. He currently works as a Data Scientist at and his core expertise is in driving, pipelining, and building ML solutions. He has a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics from IIT Bombay. He is also an 8-time and current Indian Sudoku Champion. He became the first Indian to be ranked in the top-10 at the World Sudoku Championship in 2012 by securing 8th place.

About the Instructor:

Max Baugh has a physics Ph.D. from the University of California Santa Cruz with extensive experience applying machine learning and multivariate analysis techniques to particle physics data. He completed his bachelor’s in Physics and Astrophysics from UC Berkeley. He also participated in the ML Engineering program at FourthBrain, a 4-month project-based bootcamp backed by Andrew Ng’s AI Fund.


USD 999 for the 4-week intense Masterclass which includes, instructor-led sessions, mentorship sessions, and working on competitions together with a team of motivated participants.

Need to convince your manager to pay for the Masterclass, send an email to for a short brochure explaining the benefits.

Competitions are a great way to learn DS/ML skills and win some fantastic prizes. Join the Masterclass and begin your winning journey. Limited spots, join today!

Email for any questions.

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