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ECSWalk: A carcinogenic driver module detection method based on a network model.

Data used in this study:

In our research, we used data processed by Rafsan Ahmed, et al. and Mark D M Leiserson, et al.
Download their research here respectively: and


  1. hint_edge_file.txt: The PPI network file.
  2. hint_index_file.txt: The nodes to index file mapping.
  3. genes_vs_patients_indices_gen_paran.txt: Gene and its mutation patients.
  4. patients_to_indices_gen.txt: The patients name and its patient ID.
  5. pan12gene2freq.txt: The gene mutation frequency.
  6. Census_allTue_May_23_12-08-15_2017.tsv: The cosmic genes.


  1. Compute the weights of edges between gene nodes in biological networks.
  2. Perform a random walk on a directed weighted network.
  3. Driver module detection.


  1. deg_ed.txt: Mutual exclusion between connected gene nodes.
  2. deg_cd.txt: Coverage between connected gene nodes.
  3. deg_sim.txt: Similarity between connected gene nodes.
  4. ecswalk.txt: Weights of edges between connected gene nodes in biological networks.
  5. ECSWalk folder: Driver module set at different total_size thresholds.

Read more here: Source link