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Decoding log 01#
Uploading CCTV Camera footage…

Lore name: Dr Bastilone

Rank:Ast. Researcher.

SCP:Designated 682 (assisted).

Notes Pre-Interview: Convince Designated SCP-682 to be neutralized via usage of SCP- 343.

The background Research: We understand that designated 682 is an unkillable reptile-like entity that cannot be neutralized through any known means.

Hypothesis: The foundation is aware that 682 poses a major threat to continued Foundation work. Utilizing 343 as a counter to neutralize 682 to end threat. Beneficial for Foundation’s current survival.



To 343 Q: “Are you able to neutralize SCP 682?”

343 A: “You wish me to neutralize 682?”   

Q: “Yes, I wish that you can neutralize 682.”

A:”Why? It is not of my creation? I see no need to rid you of such?”

Q:” It poses a threat to our continued survival. It is destroying all of us and is unwilling to cease such aggression”.

A:”I will attempt to”.

Case log: SCP-682 continuously backed away from SCP-343 and refused contact. SCP 343 then made inaudible contact with SCP 682 and offered a form of beef product from hispanic culture [Referred to as now Taco Meat] SCP-343 then made audible contact with SCP 682 and asked the following:

SCP-343 Q: “Why are you so angry? You attempt to consume all living matter that comes near you?”

SCP-682 : No answer

SCP-343 : “Do you need more food?”

SCP-682 : No answer [Continues to devour the “taco meat”]

*At this point SCP-682 seems placated with sustenance provided by SCP-343.

SCP-682:”I need to survive.”

SCP-343:”Tell me why?”

SCP-682 : No answer


SCP continued to feast and then revert to its destructive nature once SCP-343 was recalled. SCP-343 was then questioned.

Q:”Why were you not able to neutralize SCP-682?”

SCP-343: “I did not create him, therefore I will not destroy him.”

Q:” He is a threat to all that exists, why contribute with his continued existence?”

SCP-343: No answer


Due to the lack of cooperation, the test was terminated and SCP-343 was thanked for its continued support of the Foundation.





Conclusion: Continued questioning of SCP-343 for reasons behind SCP-682’s continued existence.






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