Where can I get ?or how can I make a mappability track for hg38 assembly

Lucky you @manojmumar_bhosale I worked on similar problem recently and therefore have the bash script you can use.
Required tools:

  1. GEM libary from here
  2. UCSC’s wigToBigWig from here (I chose binary for Linux 64 bit, you can choose different OS)

    #!/bin/bash - 
    #          FILE: mappa_cacl.sh
    #         USAGE: ./mappa_cacl.sh 
    #       OPTIONS: ---
    #  REQUIREMENTS: ---
    #          BUGS: ---
    #         NOTES: ---
    #        AUTHOR: Vang Le (vql AT rn.dk) 
    #       CREATED: 26/02/16 01:49
    #      REVISION:  ---
    #      Reference: http://wiki.bits.vib.be/index.php/Create_a_mappability_track
    set -o nounset                              # Treat unset variables as an error
    pref="rn6.softmask.all" # should be changed
    reference="rn6.softmask.all.fa" # should be changed
    thr=20; # use 20 cores, change it to the number you want to use
    outmappa="rn6.mappa.tsv" # should be changed
    #make index for the genome
    gem-indexer -T ${thr} -c dna -i ${reference} -o ${idxpref}
    # The following calculates index and creates mappability tracks with various kmer lengths.
    # it may take long time to finish.
    # choose the right kmer length for you.
    for kmer in 45 50 75; do
      # compute mappability data
       gem-mappability -T ${thr} -I ${idxpref}.gem -l ${kmer} -o ${pref}_${kmer}
      mpc=$(gawk '{c+=gsub(s,s)}END{print c}' s="!" ${pref}_${kmer}.mappability)
      echo ${pref}_${kmer}"t"$mpc >> $outmappa
      # convert results to wig and bigwig
      gem-2-wig -I ${idxpref}.gem -i ${pref}_${kmer}.mappability -o ${pref}_${kmer}
      wigToBigWig ${pref}_${kmer}.wig ${pref}.sizes ${pref}_${kmer}.bw

Script from @biocyberman is great. For those who are still looking for this, here are steps:

1) Get the reference hg38 genome, in uncompressed fasta format (obviously)

2) Get the ‘gemtools’:
a) SourceForge –> Version 2, pre release
b) GitLab –> Version 1.7

3) Create the index of the genome by using following command:

gemtools index -i <referenceGenome.fasta:PATH> -t <NumberOfThreadsToUse:int>     
gemtools index -i GRCh38.p12.fasta -t 40

4) Once, the index is made, generate the mappability data like:

gem-mappability -I <referenceGenome_index.gem:PATH> -l <K-mer_length:int> -o <output_name.gem:PATH>
e.g.: For 100 mer, the command will be:    
gem-mappability -I GRCh38.p12.gem -l 100 -o GRCh38_mappability_100mer.gem

The complete guide is available at this wiki

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