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1. Your In-game: Sainty


2. Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:417674367


3. The admin’s name in-game: Evan


4. The admin’s steam name (If you know it): [GL] Evan?


5. What did the admin do: 

One day after I was asking in the general discord channel for people who owned CCs he PMed me saying I was “spamming and begging” for asking a harmless question 5 times over the span of 3 days. First of all this is not considered spam as spam is something completely different and second of all aren’t moderators meant to be helpful to people in the server not complaining in their discord DMs when they have some sort of agenda against them for no reason. Every member of staff has been very helpful to me when I have enquired about CCs, this member of your staff team decided the best course of action was to be rude and message me saying I’m begging. This then started this staff members somewhat feud with me. I am not quite sure what is issue is but when i asked him about it he said “he’s seen how I act on the server” yet apart from him everyone has only said positive things such as I’m the “nicest guy in havoc” and I “always take my RP seriously” so I’m not too sure how someone I barely see on the server can constantly vote me down and falsely accuse me of something. Yes I have been banned for MARDM, but I can admit that I was wrong in that situation and have taken a step in the right direction and taken the server much more seriously ever since then and this can be proved by all the positive comments I have received from my peers. Seeing as someone who has 2 warns ARDM and RDA and has been banned before too I’m sure Evan would know that people who have been banned in the past can change for the greater good too. Every post I have made he makes sure to comment negatively about me, which I’m not saying in entirely wrong because that’s what the forums are there for but as someone who is meant to be a moderator uses his own bad will on a person to attempt them to not get any position in the RP server is poor. I spoke to a senior moderator about this (red) and he suggested i make a post on the forums about it to get my point across at how he targets my posts to give myself a bad reputation. You will be able to see how on every post of mine he comments negatively, where he is the only person doing so and everyone else only has positive things to say about me. This will be shown in the following screenshots.


6. Evidence of the abusive action(s) (REQUIRED):







7. What do you believe should happen to the admin:

I think someone needs to have a firm word with him to try to be more professional, whether it is a maturity thing or not, I’m not too sure. Someone should give him a warning before he does this to someone else.


8. Any extra information:

When I spoke to him to try to resolve things he shut me down by saying he didn’t have a problem with me and when asked what his reasoning was he said “I’ve seen how you act” which I couldn’t tell what he was referring to because if he was talking about my ban he has got two strikes and a ban himself so surely he would realise that that was a mistake and I’ve moved on where people have consistently praised me since. Someone is a position like he is should not be acting this way. I don’t have an issue with anyone on the server and I’m a pretty chilled guy, I just think this constant hate is unnecessary for someone who causes no real issues with anyone on the server.

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