Network analysis using distinct centrality measurements

Network analysis using distinct centrality measurements


Hello to everyone,

I have question regarding to network analysis. Currently, I’m conducting this kind of analysis using data retrieved from STRING db to obtain highly central nodes. I have re-constructed the network in R using the igraph package to subsequently proceed with the topological analysis. However, I’m a little bit confused since my question is how to decide what is the best centrality measure related to my network. A few weeks ago, I found a tutorial in which it was suggested to calculate distinct centrality measures (i.e., closeness, degree, betweenness, …) and then perform a PCA to distinguish the most informative centrality measure.
However, in a recent article I read that authors analyzed their network to obtain highly central nodes by using a related method. They calculated four centrality measures and then proceeded to combine them using MDS to get a weighted centrality score.

What of these methods is the most appropriate to select/get a centrality measure? or does exist a better way to conduct these kind of analysis?

I’m new in this topic, so I acknowledge you for some advices and suggestions.









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