Researcher in genome, protein, and chemical bioinformatics job with Syntekabio

Researchers in genome, protein, and chemical bioinformatics

Location: New York, NY, USA

Syntekabio is a company specializing in the development of new AI drugs based on genome big data in South Korea. In particular, we are preparing for a leading role in precision medicine with a competitive supercomputing environment and genome big data environment at home and abroad.

As we plan to set up an overseas branch in New York, NY, we are hiring experts. You can find our information from our website( As a living witness in the field of rapidly changing medical paradigm, we want to work with experts or those who want to become experts. If you are not content with enjoying the benefits and want to make them together and go forward, we look forward to your application.

Job Description

Syntekabio owns AI drug platform called DeepMatcher. Assuming that the three-dimensional structure of the protein-ligand interaction pose is valid, the success rate of hit discovery is overwhelmingly higher than that of the existing protein-ligand docking algorithm. And, currently, Syntekabio is promoting the discovery of a large amount of HIT and LEAD development using the three-dimensional structure of about 600 gene drug targets. And in recent years, Alphafold and other homology modeling techniques have been greatly improved. Therefore, using this homology modeling technique, the three-dimensional structure prediction of an additional 1,400 genes can be used as drug targets. This will require numerous improvements of 3D structures and further scientific research, such as homology modeling, molecular dynamics simulations, agonist and antagonist template designs, validation designs, etc. Therefore, in this project, standardization and simulation studies for predictive models for more than 2,000 genes and their agonists, antagonists and biomarkers are performed in a supercomputing environment.

We are looking for Independent researchers at New York center who meet the following qualifications.

Those who have master’s or doctoral degrees in the fields of genome, protein, and chemical bioinformatics, have 5-10 years of experience in the same field, and have published in a journal that proves they can conduct independent research in a given environment. We are looking for talented people who can perform homology modeling and agonist, antagonist, and biomarker research, and can freely use the python/c/c++ computer language in a Linux O/S environment.

Expected Start Date: January 03, 2022

Pay: $50,000.00 – $150,000.00 per annum

Please submit your CV/resume to Samuel Kim

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