RNAcentral Bioinformatician job with EMBL

RNAcentral is a leading database for non-coding RNA sequences. This resource is visited by tens of thousands of users every year, is highly cited and is currently funded by a Wellcome grant. RNAcentral is part of the Sequence Families group, which is led by Alex Bateman.
You will be working closely with Project Leader for RNA Resources, Blake Sweeney, as well as the RNAcentral full stack developer and bioinformatician and biocurator from the Rfam team. 

Your role

You will be responsible for running, maintaining and developing the bioinformatic pipeline that imports ncRNA data from >40 different sources, performs quality controls and additional analyses. As part of your responsibilities you will import new types of data, create new analyses and ensure the continued functionality of the RNAcentral pipeline. Finally, you are expected to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in RNA science to ensure RNAcentral continues to provide our diverse users with valuable data and analysis.

You will be responsible for development of new features, such as the gene annotation pipeline and expression data integration. You will also be responsible for regular outreach to the scientific community through presentations at major conferences such as RNA Society and ISMB. Additionally, you will present at the RNAcentral consortium meetings and Scientific Advisory board meetings for regular feedback from community members.

You should be passionate about RNA science and want to help the scientific community. RNAcentral is a widely used resource and work here provides an opportunity to shape the work of many RNA researchers worldwide.

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