Visualization of GO results using enrichplot

Visualization of GO results using enrichplot



I am doing gene set analysis on DNA methylation microarray data (Illumina 450k and EPIC), and use the missMethyl package to do the analysis, and want to keep using that package because it accounts for some biases that occur when extracting the annotated genes and doing a GSEA on the extracted gene list. The output from missMethyl looks like this:

       ONTOLOGY                               TERM    N       DE         P.DE          FDR                                                               
GO:0048856       BP   anatomical structure development 5888 2469.805 1.864842e-29 4.236548e-25

And I want to visualize the GO analysis results using the enrichplot package, or something else that give similar visualisations as described here , but it seems that enrichplot does not accept GO terms as input, only the output from their own enrichment analysis that looks completely different from the output from missMethyl.

Can you help me plot my GO analysis results? I want both a barplot and network plot.

Sincerely, Christine



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