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As a novice to this community (and technology) I have only a basic knowledge regarding how to build and deploy a docker so i was hoping someone could provide some help.

The situation is the following:

I wanna create a docker container with two conda environments and I wanna call a command line from my native os cmd.

my Dockerfile:

 FROM continuumio/miniconda3
  COPY ./samtools-a.yml /opt/
  COPY ./samtools-b.yml /opt/
  RUN conda env create -f /opt/samtools-a.yml
  RUN conda env create -f /opt/samtools-b.yml
  RUN echo "source activate samtools-a" > ~/.bashrc
  ENV PATH /opt/conda/envs/env/bin:$PATH

my build :

docker build -t test ./

and now i run it

docker run -it test
(samtools-a) root@1c44fcc2e83d:/#

looks good… but now i would like to mount a location from which my files are read and excute two commandlines each in different environment. my reasoning was that this should have done it :

docker run --init -v /media/data/home/booby/test/:/opt/ test /bin/bash -c "source activate samtools-a && samtools view -h /opt/my.bam > /opt/my.sam && source activate samtools-b && samtools view -b /opt/my.sam > /opt/my.bam"

but when i use -v , i seam to lose access to my conda env.

/bin/bash: activate: No such file or directory

what would be the proper way to set this up


I created samtools env like this :

conda create --name samtools-a
conda activate samtools-a
conda install -c bioconda samtools
conda env export > samtools-a.yml

conda create --name samtools-b
conda activate samtools-b
conda install -c bioconda samtools
conda env export > samtools-b.yml

Thank you

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