Old not current gamemode named ‘Murder’ to add to Gmod iceberg. With xFire gone the remaining footage/media seems missing : gmod

It was a game where you had a less colorful UI than the current and no random generated names. You’d be around much more Clue like environments such as a dark storming island with a spooky huge mansion on it. People would all have guns I believe maybe no body had weapons but the murder had a revolver with maybe 1 shot in itor maybe multiple by had to wait between shots, anyways people were 1 shot to kill too I think? And if they missed it was an issue, maybe had to knife. But they’d just pull out the gun after 2 mins of trusting the person when everybody else walked away.

There was another creepy mansion level where you could make your way outside but wasn’t an island, and there was a keypad in the fireplace I think that very few ppl knew and could make your way into a basement I’d only ever seen with spectator or maybe loading the map in offline. But full of toxic waste barrels etc

It was imo actually way better than the flash in the pan of the new Murder gamemode.

I actually believe Murder went on to become TTT and is possibly made by the same guy/so I wish they’d re-release it.

It was popular maybe on Pulsar Effect server? Like PS/Sassilization EARLY era

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