Introducing NA by coercion error message when running pathfindR

Since the weekend I’ve been getting an "NAs introduced by coercion" error message when i run the pathfindR package. An example of some of my data is

Gene.symbol <- c("ACAA2", "ACADVL", "ACAT1", "ACOT9", "ACOX1", "ADH5",
logFC <- c("3.3", "3.9", "1.5", "1.7", "2.4", "1.9", "1.7")
adj.P.Val <- c("0.02", "0.03", "0.02", "0.007", "0.01", "0.03", "0.03")
PSEA.DXB11 <- data.frame(Gene.symbol, logFC, adj.P.Val)

PathfindR is executed with

PSEA_results.DXB11 <- run_pathfindR(PSEA.DXB11, output_dir = ("C:/PETER PROJECT/3g. Mass Spec Processing (Comparison of K1 v DXB11)/Results/PathfindR/DXB11 p Values/1. Attached")) 

which results in

NAs introduced by coercion

I’m running version 1.6.2. and rebooted my laptop to no effect.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m due to submit my PhD thesis in October and need this analysis.


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