Public Electronic Health Records Database

I am not aware of a database containing electronic health records that is also publicly accessible. I am curious to see if anyone else knows of one.

Depending on what kind of information you hope to use and what country you are operating in, I suspect that it may only exist in simulated form. In places like the US, medical records are protected for privacy and liability reasons (all of the following applies to the US, but Canada, EU countries, and others have similar setups): has a useful fact sheet on medical records privacy. Health records generally contain protected health information (PHI), including things like names, any kind of date or age at all, various commonly used identifiers, etc. These types of information are highly protected and their use and distribution is subject to many regulations. The electronic versions are even more protected than those on paper. Organizations that have access to electronics health records (hospitals, insurance companies, contractors, sub-contractors, etc.) are generally concerned with compliance to:

The strict limitations imposed by HIPAA were further enhanced by the HHS in the form of the final Ominibus rule (full PDF).

Some of the largest breaches reported to HHS have involved business associates. Penalties are increased for noncompliance based on the level of negligence with a maximum penalty of $1.5 million per violation.

Furthermore, an organization found to have violated HIPAA, can in certain circumstances be required to advertise their own breach (at their own expense) in the form of TV spots, radio announcements, etc.

You can imagine that given all of that, any organization that does have electronic medical records might be nervous about making them publicly available. It should be possible though if you anonymize and carefully remove all PHI.

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