The History and Development of DNA-Encoded Libraries Featuring Case Studies of Successful DEL Drug Discovery, Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Xtalks | News

TORONTO, Sept. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Finding novel small molecule leads against difficult-to-drug targets was once a challenging task to achieve at scale. X-Chem‘s CEO, Matt Clark, helped create DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) about 15 years ago to address this problem. DEL technology is revolutionizing drug discovery with the ability to screen billions of compounds with astonishing speed and efficiency.

In this webinar, the speaker will present the history of the development of DELs to their current use in early drug discovery. He will show how they can benefit biopharmaceutical companies searching for the next major drug. Starting from the rise and subsequent fall of combinatorial chemistry, he will explain how this, the foundational thought experiments of Brenner and Lerner, and advances in DNA sequencing technologies, set the stage for the development of the first DELs.

Filling the gap, the speaker will explain how a group of scientist-founders created X-Chem to harness this new technology. X-Chem has been pioneering DNA-encoded library technology for over a decade and has innovated a superior approach to library design, honed their expertise in selection science and developed unique informatics tools to help drive drug discovery.

Join Christopher Hupp, Ph.D., Associate Director, Discovery Chemistry, X-Chem, Inc., in a live webinar on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 11am EDT (4pm BST/UK) to find out how strong expertise with DEL libraries can empower you to screen hundreds of billions of compounds against your target with the ground-breaking power of DEL technology.

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