Would my Bachelor degree allow me to land a job? (Check the curriculum below) : bioinformatics

I thought I’d get some insight from you about my Bachelor degree in Bioinformatics (link)

Just to clarify a few things, the programming languages I’ve learned through my courses are Java, Perl, bash, R, Python (to a lesser extent). Also, in the Data Mining course we basically covered most of the book An Introduction to Statistical Learning: With Applications in R.

Regarding the bioinformatics electives, I’ve taken Functional Genomics where I learned to analyze microarrays and NGS data, and Structural Bioinformatics. I’ve also taken an Epigenetics course with a focus on neurodegenerative diseases (it was a masters level course).

Also, my experience is limited to the capstone project that I’m currently working on, which involves NGS data analysis and further statistical analysis.

So what’s your opinion about my degree? Is it hard for me to land a job without a more advanced Masters degree? The thing is that the Bioinformatics field is basically non existent in my country; it’s unheard of outside of my college. So I’ll have to go outside the country, probably to Europe, and I’m interested in pursuing a Masters degree but I don’t have the financial means to do so, thus I was thinking if I could land a job and save some money in order to pursue a Masters degree later on.

Thanks for your time!

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