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What do you want to see?: I want a Buff to the E-11 Blaster 

Why should we add it?: the E-11 is probably the most Lore friendly gun in all of Star wars but in Imperial RP it is hot garbage. The E-11 was held by 

Storm Troopers 

Nova Trooper 



31st or in are case Havoc


all these Regiments had a E-11 blaster handy on them. However in the server only 2/6 carry the E-11 why? Cause it only dose 30 damage and no wonder no one wants this garbage gun in there battelion. If we were to Buff it might make a Return to Regiments that call the gun there lore friendly home 

I’m thinking due to the fire rate we could increase the damage from 

30 to 45 or even 50 damage 

what are the advantages of having this?: it would give STs a nice Buff but it also might make a come back to Regiments that call the gun lore friendly it would make the gun more used and the E-11 needs a Buff badly anyways 

Who is it mainly for?: STs CCs really the whole server. 

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