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 Your In-Game Name: Gabriel Sinclair

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:88208115

Staff member’s In-Game Name: MAJ Corky 1L47,  Herrman 

What did they do?

Literal Coup d’etat (as he swiftly took the Presidents seat after the incident).  Claim he was arresting me for corruption and treason for making a law stating “disrespect to the President while in government capacity will be labeled as treason”.  

“The President creates laws to govern the Country of Gaminglight.” -President job description in game.

When he failed to handcuffed me I ordered my SS to arrest him (hold him in the office until a judge takes the trial because Government classes cant be cuffed) on treason, so he would be demoted. I locked the door and my SS had their guns drawn (because he had his out on me). He ended up shooting through my SS and killing one of them then me.


Article 18 U.S. Code 3056  The Secret Service is authorized to detect and arrest any person who violates—

any of the laws of the United States relating to coins, obligations, and securities of the United States and of foreign governments.


Herrman took the report ticket and said “it was a valid arrest” on MAJ Corky behalf, however it was not. <—-Corruption or poor judgement.


Evidence (REQUIRED): (See the link.) 


What do you think is an acceptable punishment?


Staff warning on both MAJ Corky and Herrman (Gross Corruption), Demotion of MAJ Corky to the next rank.

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