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A Journey Genetic Testing mitochondrial DNA test (mtDNA test) traces a person's matrilineal, or mother-line, ancestry using the DNA in his or her mitochondria.
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A mtDNA test is also known as maternal lineage test.  Men and women both have mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA); however only the biological mother passes on her mtDNA on to her children. This is different from a Y-chromosome DNA test, where the Y-Chromosome is passed on from male to male by the father. Mitochondrial DNA is passed on from the female down the female ancestral line, and is very unique to that female line.

A Mitochondrial DNA test examines a test subjects matrilineal (mother-line) relationship line through their mitochondria, which are passed from the mother to each of her children. All of us has mitochondria, and therefore either a biological male or female can take part in the mtDNA test. Each individuals’ mtDNA sequences are compared to see if they share certain regions of the DNA that indicate they come from the same maternal line.

The analysis will help confirm, or eliminate, your relationship to relatives through the maternal/female line. It can also help provide important information in a situation where maternity is in question, but the suspected biological mother is unavailable for a maternity test. While maternity itself can’t be determined, it can be determined that the child’s relationship to a possible maternal relative exists.

Reasons to consider conducting a mtDNA test

  • To verify a biological relationship with a possible relative on your maternal line
  • Confirming information when a question of maternity arises, when a possible mother is not available for testing
  • Obtain information that can help with your medical history

Many people are familiar with a form of this test as it is used is some ancestry and genealogy studies. Our testing is a little different, as the mtDNA test we are offering provides scientific confirmation of more recent family relationships. One example of how this test can be used, from the list above, is that perhaps you have found a possible relative from an ancestry test, and want to confirm that relationship actually exists. Since verification of relationships can only be done on a person to person DNA test, this comparative analysis will let you know whether or not your mtDNA sequences are consistent, or not consistent, with the person in question. This will results in a conclusion on whether you, and the possible relative(s) are or are no related through a common female ancestor.

The mtDNA testing results are available to you in 12-14 days from the time the lab receives all DNA samples. These results, of course, are 100% private and the DNA profiles, or results, are never shared with anyone other than the person ordering the test.

How much does a mtDNA test cost?

Unlike some other DNA test, only buccal swabs (or cotton swabs if your are using our Make Your Own Kit – MYOK option) can be used for the DNA collection. We are unable to accept alternative types of items to determine if DNA if present on them in mtDNA testing.

We understand how important this test is, and we will always provide you with the most accurate testing results at the lowest possible cost. Your cost will depend on several factors, with the most important one being who is available to test.

Number Of People Testing Processing Time Cost
Two people testing 12-14 days $199
Each additional person $100
Additional mtDNA collection kits (one kit included) $ 14.95

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