Answer: Pathogen-drug network

Search google for “antibacterial **drug database**” you could change antibacterial with antimicrobial or other relevant terms. If you can find a database/tsv/csv file you could extract the information you need from it.

I think this is the best one I found for antivirals:


This one might give you some information:


Not sure if this would be helpful:


This what I wrote originally which could help you out:

I know this may not be exactly what you are looking for, but in case no one else has a good answer, here is one to help you get started maybe?

I use (Comparative Toxicogenomics Database) for gene-pathway associations. However, they also have **chemical-phenotype** and **chemical-disease** that *could* be helpful to you.

For example if you go to the [ Downloads][1] You will find [Chemical-disease associations][2] and [Chemical–phenotype interactions][3] in .tsv and .csv format gzipped. These as well as maybe [Chemical–GO enriched associations][4].

These *could* serve helpful for your purpose because if you search these in `terminal` using `grep` you may be able to find some useful information.

For example:

If you download the [Chemical–phenotype interactions.tsv.gz file][5] and extract it so you have the a file named ` …

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