Meetup #27 Tickets, Sat, Sep 18, 2021 at 7:00 PM

Agenda of Meetup #27

7:00 PM IST – 7:45 PM IST: Tricks in Computer Vision and Ensembling by Mohammed Rizin ( Kaggle Competition Master )

7:45 PM IST – 8:00 PM IST: QnA Session by Rizin

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What are Kaggle Days Meetups?

Kaggle Days Meetups are a series of events all over the world that aim to gather Kagglers and people interested in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence around one city. Kaggle Days Meetup Delhi NCR is on a mission to gather Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts and most importantly Kaggle fans.

Why you should attend?

  • LEARN how to start on ML, Data Science, AI through practice,
  • NETWORK with other people,
  • MEET Seasoned Data Scientists, ML/AI Engineer from top companies
  • HAVE FUN at the Data Ketchup Sessions and make new friends!
  • LEARN tips and trick on how to do Data Science, ML, win a Kaggle competition
  • IMPROVE your skills.

Who can attend this Meetup ?

Anyone with an interest to explore Machine Learning, Data Science along with participation in some real-world competitions over Kaggle can attend. This Data Ketchup Series is scheduled keeping in mind the concerns of a beginner to start with ML, AI, Data Science.

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